Heavenly trek to Kodachadri

From the time I got dependent on journeying, Kodachadri Trek was among the should-do list. Thus, during the ideal climate for any western ghats journey, on Friday night, Sep 22 - 2011, I set out on what presently is one of my most loved traveling experience. The beginning signs were themselves extraordinary. Not going to 'tormenting' end of the week MS class was in itself a treat which was supported by the startling occasion which implied I could require off one more end of the week. The beat from BMC was on schedule. I had a practically moment affinity with individual travelers which was one of the characterizing parts of the awesome journey. Additionally, one of the guides was Kiran with whom I had just completed two trips. All things considered, it resembled an activity film starting with a blast.

We arrived at our home remain at the base of Kodachadri Trek promptly in the first part of the day around 6:30 AM. We were a gathering of around 25. Among the adventurers, I knew just one from my last trip (Sakleshpur). Maybe at whatever point we meet, it ends up being a magnificent trip? :P. I had recently observed senior individuals (matured 50+) in journeys, yet this time I had the opportunity to see a long-term kid scaling a top in the Western Ghats. I was somewhat suspicious initially, however, then I came to realize that he had just scaled Kumara Parvatha! He was a live-wire all through the trip - another fab part of the journey. Not to fail to remember referencing - the outsider from South Africa who had assigned a whole year for experience trip far and wide.