5 Amazing Ways To Groom Your Pets

5 Amazing Ways To Groom Your Pets

Everyone loves snuggling with their pet, especially when they have a clean and soft coat. Trouble begins when the pet starts looking like a tramp, and for some reason, her groomer is out of town. At this point, you'll need to know how to get the pet's charm back.

If you’re on good terms, it'll be easy to earn the trust of your dog or cat for the home grooming session. To earn your pet's total confidence, make the home grooming ritual regular. Offer rewards like treats to make them comfortable with a touch on sensitive areas.

Once you’re confident enough to groom your pet, here are five amazing ways of doing it.

Cutting Your Pet's Hair
Your pet needs to be clean and dry before getting a shave. Look for a quiet area in your home that has minimal distractions. Have the best dog grooming tools ready, and that includes a sharp blade, scissors, and clippers.

When your pet is calm, start by shaving around the neck and then down to her body. When shaving, hold the blade flat against the skin to avoid accidental cuts in case of a jerky movement. Be careful when working on thin skin areas like the underarm, hips and thighs, and the hind leg joint that connects to the belly.

Also, be cautious when shaving the face and private areas. When trimming the hair on your pet's face, tail or feet, use the tip of sharp shears. This will keep your pet safe if it flicks.

Having a grooming table to secure your pet during a haircut can save you a lot of trouble. If your pet has matted fur, use clippers in place of scissors to make the process painless.

Brushing Your Pet

Make this a routine by doing it for a short time several times a week. Regularly brushing your pet can keep her looking adorable always. Brushing keeps a pet clean by getting rid of the heavy dirt.

Brushing just before bathing a pet takes away the risk of making the bathwater dirty and the pet dirtier. And, since a lot of bathing for a pet is not advisable, brushing is a good alternative to keeping the pet clean.

A metallic pin brush is an ideal choice for pets with long hair, while a shedding blade is best for short-haired pets. The metal made pin brush will pull out grass, dirt, and other particles from the hair. Practice brushing while your pet is in a standing position rather than in a lying one.

Nail Trimming Your Pet
Because nail trimming can be an anxious experience for most pets, start it when they are still young. This will get them accustomed to the process. While some may sit comfortably on you or the table for the clipping, others will require some level of restraint.

You will require a great deal of confidence before starting to trim your pet's nails. If you intend to use a nail grinder or clippers, let the pet get used to the tool's noise beforehand. This will keep her relaxed through the process.

Practice closing the clippers quickly as doing so slowly or using dull ones will cause splitting and chipping. If using the nail grinder, make it stop before you reach the quick.

Ear Cleaning Your Pet
Cleaning your pet's ears is a perfect way of keeping her well-groomed. Before cleaning, ensure that the ears are free from particles, then give the pet an all-important ear rub. If you notice a bad smell or sore look, take your pet to a veterinarian.

After you have ruled out parasite infestation or infection, get down to cleaning. Using a wet cotton ball in an ear cleaner, clean the ear folds from the head to the flaps. Avoid using cotton swabs as they can go too deep into the ear and cause damage.

For sensitive pets, start with brief cleaning sessions. Don’t worry if the pet shakes off the ear cleaner splashing it all on you.

Giving Your Pet a Warm Bath
Ensure that you use warm water as using cold water can make your pet dislike taking a bath. When bathing tiny animals, offer them support while in the tub to keep them from panicking. Apply the appropriate shampoo all over the pet's body and offer her a full massage while enjoying the lathering.

Rinse off the shampoo, apply conditioner, and comb the hair before giving your pet the final rinse. Long-haired pets like horses and some dogs require the conditioner for easier combing. When the weather is cold, dry the animals well, particularly the old, very young, or the sick ones.

Pet grooming is an essential part of caring for animals. It's a practice that can be taught at whichever age. Regular grooming will create a healthy and strong relationship with your pet. It's also a good way of identifying a change in their health that calls for medical attention.

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