5 Things to Look For While Buying Chairs

5 Things to Look For While Buying Chairs

If you have to furnish an office and are looking for office chairs, you will need to pay attention to their design. The best chairs provide good back and arm support for long hours. Here are some points you have to keep in mind while evaluating a work chair for your employees.

The Seat:
The chair's seat must be at a height that allows users to plant their feet flat on the ground. They should be able to adjust it with the help of a pneumatic lever. Most chairs have a seat height ranging from sixteen to twenty-one inches. Additionally, check with your supplier about the upholstery. The seat should not sag or deform after continuous use. It should be of a material that's breathable and easy to clean.

Width and Depth:
The seat's width is measured across its widest part, from armrest to armrest. It should be wide enough to comfortably seat anyone while allowing their hands to rest effortlessly on the armrest. The depth of the chair is how much it measures from the edge of the seat to the backrest. Avoid chairs that are either excessively deep or shallow. The user must be able to sit straight, with their back in contact with the backrest. When in this position, the back of their knees should be a few inches away from the seat's edge.

Back Support:
The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found that nearly 7 million Australians are affected by musculoskeletal disorders, and Lower Back pain is the leading cause of disability among many. Work-related lumbar degeneration is a direct result of a bad sitting posture. Find a chair that supports the curve of the lower back. The best work chairs have adjustable backs that can move forward, backward, or tilt depending on the user's position. A person sitting on the chair with their feet flat on the ground must be able to keep their spine erect and in contact with the backrest at all times.

Arm support:
Since most office work involves typing on a computer keyboard, you must install suitable office furniture. A person should be able to place their elbows on the chair's armrest and reach the desk without elevating their wrists. Thus, the user must be able to adjust both the height and the distance between the armrests to suit their physique.

The Reach Zone:
A worker's neutral reach zone is the area covered under a sweep of the forearm. Items that one reaches for frequently should be kept within this zone – such as the keyboard, mouse, notepad, and phone. A worker marks out the vertical neutral reach zone by lifting or dipping the elbows 5-8 degrees and then sweeping the arm. They can populate this area with items that one reaches out for occasionally, like the monitor, a calendar, and a whiteboard. The office chairs must be able to swivel so one can reach more areas without straining the shoulders, neck, and lower back.

In Conclusion:
Office furniture such as desks, chairs, cubicle screens, and storage units must be harmonious to provide a worker with the most comfortable space. According to the Australian Work Health and Safety laws, it is your primary duty to ensure that the workers have safe working conditions as an employer. Consult your furniture experts to select the best-suited range of work furniture for your office.

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