Common Problems Caused by Dirty Gutters

Common Problems Caused by Dirty Gutters

Gutters are an essential surface of your exterior home. Their task is to direct rainwater off your roof and away from your house. However, sometimes the gutters can become dirty, leading to further issues. Therefore, here we will be looking at the most common problems caused by gutters being unclean

1. Roof Damage
Roof damage is the most common problem that unclean gutters can cause. When rainwater accumulates on the surface and cannot drain, it can saturate your roof and weaken it: the wood breaks, the roof leaks, and damages your interior home. Especially if you have stored essential items there, the water will destroy your belongings. You can search online to find the best Harrisonburg roofers to do repair or roof replacement.

2. Basement Damage-
It is usually impossible for water from the gutters to get to your basement, but this happens when they have been damaged or clogged. Excess water accumulates in the trenches, leading to structural damage and a flooded basement. This extra water will cause erosion damage that eventually leads to cracks around the wall, and, of course, you will not want to ruin your structural belongings with water damage. However, this is not enough to make your basement fall apart and becomes susceptible to moisture that can lead to future destructions.

3. Damage To Sides And Windows
In the case of clogged gutters, the rainwater will lack room for proper water flow. The water will tend to find a way around your roof. It can either pass through the shingles damaging your house. Excess water on the gutters can pour downwards, damaging the sides and the windows. When they contact extra water, they tend to warp, rot and weaken. Moreover, excessive moisture around the windows weakens the areas and can quickly grow molds and mildew.

4. Insect Infestation
Clogged drains do pose not only a threat to your house but also to your health. Among the most surprising problems due to unclean gutters is insect infestation. Clogged drains prevent water from moving, yet pooled water is the best breeding place for mosquitoes and wasps. When water settles in the gutters, it causes fungi and molds. It will then attract other insects and pests.

5. Wood Fascia Damage
The wood fascia is the wood near the bottom of the roof that surrounds the outside of the house. It does protect your home from rainwater damage. Clogs inside the gutters can push water into and under the fascia board until it begins to rot away. It can eventually result in the fascia board getting damaged and falling off. If you see any issue with your fascia board, you might be having a problem with dirty gutters.

6. Landscape Damage
The environment around your home may also suffer from clogged gutters. With time, debris and leaves may heap up inside the channel, which will cause water blockage and make it flow outside into the landscape. This way, it carries away a lot of soil and thus leading to erosion of the ground. It also becomes hard to keep it clean and look green.

7. Walls and Ceiling Damage
Your interior home can also suffer from damaged caused by a clogged gutter. Every time water stays longer in the channel; it can erode the wall and the ceiling. The damage is not severe, but it can lead to further challenges in the future. It can also lead to mold growth due to the moisture that accumulates around the surfaces.

8. Foundation Damage
This type of damage tends to be the most common problem of clogged gutters. It usually occurs when excess rainwater accumulates in the drain after the rains. And since it has nowhere to go, the water begins to rot. Finally, the decaying and rotting process can lead to foundational damage such as cracks. As a result, the house begins to tip over or lean if huge cracks form on the foundation.

Clogged gutters are not as easy as you might think; they cause severe problems to your home and property. They can lead to many issues with the foundational stability of the house and the roof, from rotting walls to mildew and molds. Therefore, we should take good care of them by cleaning them regularly.

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