Create the best eCommerce shopping cart software with Siliceous

Unlike the platform like WooCommerce Dokan, Magento which demonstrates a lot of plugin installation and operation conflicts and cross-platform compatibility issues, Sellacious is the ultimate eCommerce shopping cart development platform which helps one create a niche, multivendor, b2b, b2c, and c2c web store without any hassle.

It is guaranteed that one could not find the optimized solutions at economical cost better than what is offered by Sellacious. There are more than 5000 at absolutely no cost for anyone to just activate for their marketplace to start with and earn profits. With the freely available features one can upload as many products as they wish to, create categories, sub-categories, variants, enable reviewer section for genuine reviews/ratings by authentic customers for the bought product or availed service.

Moreover, a store owner can create a full-fledged auction portal, a booking window site, ticketing site or application, space to sale or rent commodities or properties, and much more. A store owner need not to compulsorily possess any technical knowledge in order to create and operate the marketplace. The frontend can be completely created using the drag-and-drop based template editor. The backed functionalities behind each user interface component can be integrated via the enable/disable switched against each feature.

Free demonstration is guaranteed with each subscription plan. Moreover, the Salacious’s users can refer to the descriptive yet easy-to-understand technical documentation available on the official website. The customer selling flow can be customized to the selling flow and the checkout flow as per their preferences as well. In case where the store owner is backed up with the technical knowledge or team, they could also get into the core of the code as the platform is completely open source and get the custom things developed.

Unlike Dokan, the user will not face complications when integrating some third-party plugin within the web store when using Sellacious. Within the multi vendor marketplace, an admin can grant various access levels and permission to the sellers registered under the marketplace banner. The permission could let the seller design their own store front, create their own tax, shipment, discount, coupon rules based on multiple predefined or custom made parameters.

In addition to all the features available in the freemium version, the user will get access to the 200K+ product handling, Joomla front-end themes, AWS environment setup, and much more in the enterprise version. Free web store setup sessions are also guaranteed in the versions lifetime onwards. The store owner can reach out to the core team of this platform anytime to get any constraint resolved within minimal time. Unlike CS Cart, there are no charges for customer support.

The customer support works 24x7, 365 days a year to help the subscribers reach their profit estimation target. To have a better reach over the audience, this platform has to offer various features for implementing marketing via SEO, and SMO.

Email marketing, automated inventory management, order status management, statistics and reports, transaction history, automated schedules payouts, automated RMA, etc., all can be achieved by leveraging this platform. Moreover, a store owner can create a PWA compliant, omnichannel marketplace to have control over social media to demonstrate their presence and capture the market.

There are more than 65 payment methods available for sellers to offer to their end users. Each payment service provider is PCI DSS compliant. Hence, the transactions are completely safe and secure. Stripe connect accounts can be created by each seller in the multi vendor marketplace to claim timely payouts. Stripe also helps the admin to initiate refund in case of return immediately once the parcel is taken back.

Even in fact, the admin/sellers can give the options to their customer of selecting the delivery agent as per their liking. In case of any custom requirement, the core team welcomes all of the Sellacious users to reach out to them and get the things done quickly with and without being tight on your budget. Timely deliverables and interaction wise demos are guaranteed to the clients. Be relieved, the platform aims to let you create an ultimate marketplace that could provide the shoppers a relishing experience.

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