How to Move WhatsApp chats from Old Smartphone to New Smartphone

WhatsApp has supplied many paintings capabilities for its users. One of those is the backup of WhatsApp chat. Tells you the way the chat of the vintage tool may be transferred to the brand new tool. In today’s time, in case you are transferring out of your vintage Smartphone to a brand new Smartphone, then it isn't as tough as earlier than. But there are a few matters that every so often continue to be withinside the vintage tool. Especially textual content messages, which we every so often neglect about to backup.

WhatsApp has the choice to deliver all of your messages from the vintage Smartphone to the brand new Smartphone. WhatsApp is an immediate messaging app and nearly every person makes use of it. Therefore it will become important to switch the chat gift withinside the vintage tool to the brand new tool. WhatsApp chats now no longer simplest comprise the important contacts and information, however additionally consist of media attachments which can be additionally wished withinside the new tool. The simplest manner to switch WhatsApp chats is to backup them on Google Cloud or iCloud and after that, you may repair the chat for your new Smartphone.

For android tool
To switch vintage chats in your new Smartphone, you have to first open WhatsApp withinside the vintage Smartphone. Then faucet at the three dots withinside the pinnacle proper nook of the screen.

  • Go to Settings after which click on Chats
  • Then faucet on Chats backup
  • After this, you may select to backup chats manually or automatically (weekly, month-to-month, etc).

If you select to backup chats manually, WhatsApp will create a backup on Google Drive on the equal time. And then the following time you backup WhatsApp, you may need to repeat the complete procedure. If you select Backup automatically, WhatsApp will backup your chats each week or month while not having to do anything.

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Now whilst you set up WhatsApp withinside the new Smartphone, you'll be requested to get better vintage chats and media from Google Drive. Our recommendation is that earlier than the usage of WhatsApp withinside the new Smartphone, lower back up the chats on your vintage Smartphone.

for iPhones

  • Go in your Apple ID and activate iCloud
  • Now open WhatsApp and visit Settings

Then click on Chats after which faucet on Chat Backup. Here additionally you may select to backup manually or automatically. You additionally get the choice of consisting of or now no longer consisting of the video. Now whilst you run WhatsApp on a brand new tool, you'll be requested to repair the vintage chat from iCloud.

Important tip If you're shifting from iOS to Android or from Android to iOS then you may now no longer be capable of repair vintage chat in the new tool. Because iOS does now no longer repair from Google Drive and Android from iCloud.