11 epic New Zealand events

11 epic New Zealand events

New Zealand is the destination for once-in-a-lifetime experiences with beautiful scenery and unique wildlife. The nation is adrenaline-pumped; they have made it all an adventure!

You get closer to the case with respectful and private wildlife meetings than ever before. The sheer amount of Mother Nature's work is more readily accessible than ever with splendid natural features. In addition, New Zealand has many "first worlds," including the world's top rafting waterfall and the world's first Bungy jump venue, on its own.

1. Walk in the Earth's most beautiful countryside!
The four-day Milford Track, one of New Zealand's Great Walks, can be accomplished. Oder one of tens of thousands of walks across the country (literally). New Zealand has so many walking routes that you can't even count the number of walking routes in the country (even the Ministry of Conservation which maintains most of the tracks in New Zealand is known that they don't know!). For some great ideas, see our walking section.

2. Over Mordor Skydive
Or the Taupo and Tongariro National Parks skydive over, as New Zealanders know. In New Zealand, you can also skydive over a spectacular Bay of Islands, sail 19,000ft or skydive up the highest in the South Hemisphere in Josef, and many more amazing skydives in New Zealand. Or just book your Skydive Taupo or Taupo Tandem Skydiving jump. Otherwise.

3. "The 8th world wondrous kayak
Milford Sound, the crown gem of the Fiordland National Park. That is wonderful. There are several affordable options for cruising from Milford Sound Pier every hour, for those who need an experience that is a bit more relaxed. See how the Milford Sound and Milford Ro guide will make the most of this location

4. Glacier Under Crawl
Franz Josef, Fox Glacier, and Tasman Glacier glacier tours will take you deep into and under these ice giants who are retreating today. This is one of the few places in the world where global warming can occur in front of your eyes. An experience for many to open their eyes and change their lives.

5. Swim in the wild with dolphins
Swim in Kaikoura, Akaroa of Paihia in the natural environments of the dolphins. Ducane dolphin is home to Kaikoura: fast, abundant, and entertaining while Hector's dolphins are the home of Akaroa, the world's smallest and rarest dolphin (and potentially the cleanest...). Both cities are on South Island's east coast. On the northern island of Paihia, there are many dolphins, the large grey dolphins that roam the globe in most of the oceans.

6. First Bungy site Bungy jump in the world
The Kawarau Bridge is the first commercial bungy jumping venue in the world just outside Queenstown. If you want your thrill to have a historical feeling, that is your way! Since then, several other jumping spots have sprouted from Taupo to Auckland throughout the region. Check out at 7 Epic places in New Zealand for Bungy Jump.

7. Rafting the world's largest rafting waterfall
The Tutea Falls is the largest waterfall with 7m of commercial rafting. Situated in the vicinity of Rotorua, you'll go through the indigenous bush and forest, with rich Maori history, before heading down a narrow gorge leading to this huge drop. Keep on tight! Hold on tight! Notice that in New Zealand, there are plenty of white water rafting experiences, check out 7 locations in New Zealand to go White Water Rafting.

8. Only go to Mordor
You will walk the Mt Doom a.k.a. mountain range from the Tongariro Alpine traverse. The hike to the Emerald Lake is a stunner both in Summer and Winter, more than just a filming spot of The Lord Of The Rings. Be aware that the road is hard to access in winter, but you can take a tour with an experienced guide. The road will be covered with snow. See the Tongariro Alpine Crossing Guide for more information.

9. Plunge through the Great White Sharks
You can enjoy too close a simple meeting with great white sharks during cage dive from the waters of Stewart Island. These giants and common between Stewart Island and the South Island of New Zealand estimate that more than 120 of them gather every year between mid-December and mid-June.

10. Go to Glowworm Caves Black Water Rafting
Black Water Rafting is an epic way of discovering the Waitomo and Paparoa National Park cave networks. You can not only see the whimsical luminous verses shine upon you but also a long-lasting, deep cavitation experience. Book your trip with Waitomo Adventures or The Famous Black Water Rafting Co.

11. Discover the Active Navy Volcano Crater
White Island is New Zealand's only active underwater volcano off the coast of Whakatane, Plenty Bay. The ride to the island alone is worth it if you are only accessible by helicopter or boat. Have you seen the Jurassic Park scene where the helicopter hits the terrible island? Ok, you're moving here...

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