5 Most Creative Gift Ideas For Your Special Ones

We all have special people in our lives. It could be your best friend, partner, parent, or a close colleague. Finding the perfect gift that is apt for the occasion, for those special ones, is a daunting task for many. Especially when you are aware that they have all the things that you probably thought of giving them. Besides, buying a set of premium scented candles wouldn’t suffice for a special one’s birthday or anniversary.

So if you are unable to think of a creative gift idea, for your special one, even with your thinking hat on, let us help you with some inspiration. Here are the five most creative gift ideas that you can use for inspiration for finding the best gift for your special one without breaking the bank.

Bottle of wine
Here’s the first gift idea on the list. You can never go wrong with a bottle of premium quality wine, whether you are gifting it to your significant other, special friend, or parents. From a regular bottle of red wine to a fine Riesling wine, you have plenty of options to choose from. You would know what type of wine they like and choose accordingly. If you wish to spoil your special one on their special day, go for a premium or luxury wine that they haven’t tasted. You can also create a hamper or a basket filled with various types and brands of wines along with a set of new wine glasses. It would be a splendid gift idea for a wine enthusiast.

Instant Polaroid Camera
Technology is continuously evolving at a rapid pace in the world we live in. Therefore, making everything accessible and easy for us. While we have plenty of devices like digital cameras and smartphones to shoot pictures and capture memories, nothing beats the look and feel of an actual photograph, especially polaroids. So gifting a decent polaroid camera to your special one is the best way to help them capture all the beautiful memories to cherish later. You can find many varieties and models, so choose according to your budget. You can also buy a polaroid album case so they can store all the pictures in one place. A polaroid camera would be a thoughtful and precious gift that they will hold on to forever.

Binge basket
Here’s another creative gift that you can make without any hassle. A basket full of snacks and beverages for a binge-watching marathon on the weekend is perfect, especially for cinephiles. Hit the grocery store to pick up their favorite snacks and arrange them creatively in a basket. You can go the extra mile by preparing a list of movie and tv show suggestions based on their choices and interests, so they don’t spend hours just deciding what to watch. If you want to splurge, complete the gift by purchasing a monthly subscription to an OTT platform that they don’t have. In case you’re planning this for your partner, movie nights are going to be fun for both of you.

Take them on a picnic.
The next gifting idea is more of an experience than a physical gift and best suitable for a significant other. All you have to do is pack your partner's favorite food, some cutlery, and a picnic blanket and drive to a nearby beach, lake, or park. Spending some quality time would be the best way to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary, especially when both of you have busy schedules. If going out is not an option, it’s ok to host an indoor picnic in the favorite spot of your cozy home as well. Just light up the ambiance with some scented candles and soulful music to add a romantic touch. The best part about this gift idea is that it’s creative, thoughtful, and does not cost you a buck.

Spa Hamper
Pamper your loved ones with a divine spa experience by giving them the essentials to do so. You can either buy a spa hamper gift set from any beauty and wellness brand or buy spa products such as bath salt, shower gel, face wash, bath sponge, body butter, etc., from different brands and create a hamper yourself. Grab a cardboard box or carton and use wrapping paper to wrap it. Put some confetti, ribbons on the base of the box and place all the spa products in it. Wrap the hamper in transparent wrapping paper and tie a bow. Keep in mind that it’s essential to make sure that the products suit their skin type or all skin types in general. You can also include a cologne or special scented soap in the spa hamper.

Final Thoughts
Hopefully, the list inspires you to plan some creative and magnificent gifts for your loved ones. Apart from the ideas mentioned above, you can also try the five senses gifting ideas by compiling five gifts, each for the five basic senses of the human body. Remember, it’s not always about the gifts, but the thought and effort of getting it for the person. So put on your thinking hats to make a list of things that matter the most to your special ones, and plan the gifts accordingly.

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