Custom Pre Roll Boxes Get in Custom Shapes sizes and layouts

Custom Pre Roll Boxes
Get custom pre-roll boxes with quality material are the perfect combination to make the unique and captivating packaging. In the modern era, pre rolls are used in high demand. Most people use this product as a style. These are wrapped with robust material that protects the pre-rolls from germs and bacteria. We have a variety of pre-roll shapes, sizes, and layouts. You can select your preferred one and a more customized one if you want. We use cardboard material for pre-roll packaging. Cardboard pre roll packaging is more unique and alluring. It is safer and secures that’s why most people prefer this.

We offer you custom layouts and shapes
We CustomBoxesZone hire a professional team of designers and manufacturers that design and manufacture your box inefficient manner. We also provide you all sizes of boxes that you can get at reasonable prices. Our designing staff is more expert and skillful. They know well all new and innovative ideas that are in trendier in the market and make the packaging classy and unique. We use 3D printing techniques that are more attractive and eye-catching. We offer you different layouts of pre-roll box packaging you can customize these according to your wish. If you want to get your desired layout then you can send us your template. Our boundless customization options make your business more prominent in the highly competitive market. You don’t worry about the size and shape of your product. Our expert staff adjust the size of the pre-roll and mold the box according to the product.

We provide high-quality material
Material quality leads to attractive and eye-catching packaging. Visually representation is more important when you increase tour sales and want to expand your business in a minimum time. Customers are more conscious about their health and product quality. They must judge the quality and packaging of the product before buying this. We offer you different kinds of materials that are robust long-lasting. We offer you cardboard, Kraft paper, corrugated, and paper board material that you can pick according to your product. We provide you cardboard pre-roll boxes that are good in nature and very protective. Cardboard is a thick material. The thickness of this material is 12 to 28pt. It is eco-accommodating and robust material. Cardboard keeps your product safe for the long term. By using cardboard pre-roll boxes you can enhance the packaging charm and store your product for a long period of time.

Finishing with coating
We offer you different types of coating materials that complete your packaging. The coating makes your packaging attractive and captivating. You can make your packaging more enticing and fascinating by coat it packaging. We offer you matte, gloss, and foil coating. As well as you have the option to choose lamination. It is up to you that you can choose which one. Gloss coating makes your packaging shiny. Shinny's touch of packaging grabs the attention of more clients. Matte coating gives the darker look and packaging look decent and professional. We give you full freedom that you can pick your desired coating material. Our designers coat this by using advanced techniques and packaging became more unique and classy.

Different packaging boxes of Pre Roll
We offer you different and classy packaging styles of pre-roll boxes. We offer you the right packaging solution. To accomplish this purpose we prepare your box according to the dimension of your product. Dimension includes length, width, and margin. You must tell your product dimensions if you want to get the right packaging. Different packaging styles that we offer you are as follows:

  • Window die cut
  • Sleeve
  • Top tuck

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