Conflict is the main element of a narrative, it adds an emotional journey for your readers and ensures that your readers are engaged and turn their pages to know what happens next. A lot of writers are aware of the importance of conflict but still don’t know how to add conflict to their stories.

A conflict in a narrative is an issue that must be solved by the main character to accomplish its purpose. There is no plot and no development of character without conflict. It is a strong desire of the character along with a lot of hurdles in its way. For instance, your character wants to marry a girl. However, the girl’s parents won’t accept them together. Here the character desires to marry the girl and the parents are the hurdles along the way.

Conflict creation is the foundation of a good narrative. Shortly after writers present their primary character, they build the conflict of a story. Conflict is the part that starts the action and starts the story. Every writer should know how to develop interesting conflicts.

Not sure how to write a conflict in your story? Worry not, this article talks about ways you can create a strong conflict and make your story interesting for all your readers.

Identify the kind of conflict that your narrative demands:
The kind of conflict you write will frequently be dictated in your genre. Thrillers typically have a struggle between nature and character, whereas horror literature might have a conflict between nature and supernaturality.

Figure out what your characters want and then put an obstacle in their way:
When you write fiction, there is a conflict when your character doesn't accomplish what they desire. You may make their desire an obsession to up the stakes. And your tale would be lacking in suspense if you constantly deliver what your characters crave thus driving the readers away from your story.

The conflict brings forward an excellent plot. This is what your characters require, therefore don't let them develop that easily. Do not conceive conflict as a dramatic event. It may happen in any way, depending on what your characters desire and how they achieve it.

Build a strong antagonist:
The conflict must be dramatic in creative writing. Make a force opposite to your primary character just as strong, if not more forceful. Your actor has to struggle to overcome difficulties and achieve the objective of the story. An impressive emotional tension is created with a powerful antagonist. They also push the character to be transformed and to create a fascinating arc the character.

Create characters with opposite values:
Create characters that are not just good or bad, but more interestingly oppose one another. Think about someone, like a good friend, or family, you know in your own life. The values of each character will guide your actions and affect the course of your tale.

Read other literature for inspiration:
Other fictional works can inspire in creating good conflicts, from classics such as Robinson Crusoe to famous works such as Harry Potter and the Handmaid's Tale. Great authors can develop conflicts and create real tensions thus keeping their readers hooked.

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