Importance of Menstrual Hygiene

Importance of Menstrual Hygiene

Good menstrual care helps boost the overall fitness, state of health, and happiness of a woman. Feminine hygiene conversations are necessary for young female adolescents to debunk existing false ideas and misconceptions about menstruation. Seeing it from the perspective of personal convenience and independence, enhancing menstruation hygiene is critical. It moreover lowers the risk of reproductive tract infections or severe diseases caused by inadequate sanitary conditions during menstruation.

Educating females with the required information and expertise on managing menstrual sanitation enhances and makes their life much simpler and comfortable. It is essential to promote it in communities and educational institutes.

It is ideal, to begin with, for female adolescents and women of reproductive age who will be benefited by being aware of menstrual hygiene and sanitary products that would help maintain menstrual health. It can revolutionize change in society regarding feminine hygiene habits. Listed below are some of the significant importance of maintaining menstrual hygiene:

Helps Prevent Infections- The prime purpose of menstrual napkins or any menstrual product to come in a covering is to protect them from any dust or dirt. Most of you might think this to be obvious. However, thousands of females across the country still use leaf extracts, polyester, linen, dirty cloths, plastic, and other materials as an alternative for napkins.

Using dirty napkins or cloth could cause fungal diseases, infectious diseases of the reproductive and urinary tract, or even sterility. To prevent illnesses, your reproductive care regimen should include not just cleansing your skin but also guaranteeing that you use hygienic and sterilized pads.

No Rashes or Skin Irritation- You are more likely to get dermatitis and genital skin irritations along with the byproduct of foul smell if you miss out on using another fresh pad or cloth for more than 6 to 8 hours. It's something that many are prone to do and is among the disastrous actions you could ever do. It is always best to replace your cloth or pad, regardless of how little your menstrual flow is.

Avoids diseases- Issues like bladder, fungal, urinary tract infections, Hepatitis B at times even cervical cancer can be caused if you don't cleanse your hands after and before changing your sanitary napkins. It is essential to clean your hands before putting on a napkin and after dumping one. You must avoid it if you do not want to suffer the consequences of bad menstruation hygiene. Also, clean your genitals frequently.

Helps Maintain pH Levels- An increase in the bacterial population might result from a changing pH level of vaginal discharge. An elevated pH level might create perfect breeding habitat for harmful microorganisms.

Within that vaginal area, there is a balancing act of beneficial and malignant microorganisms. If this equilibrium is disrupted, diseases may occur. This affects women majorly when they are expecting or attempting to conceive. Hence, maintaining menstrual hygiene would prevent all such issues, thereby balancing the PH levels.

Ensure using the appropriate and clean menstrual product like a sanitary pad, cup, or tampon if you're on your menstrual cycle. Ensure that whatever you prefer using is being changed regularly and does not exceed more than 6 hours. Even though the flow isn't heavy, replace them periodically.

Since period blood is vulnerable to getting contaminated by the body's natural microorganisms, it must be changed. Even a slight mistake or ignorance would cause critical issues and be extremely bothersome.

To avoid all such complications, simply maintaining menstrual sanitation would let you have a happy and disease-free life. It also prevents any discomfort, chronic skin issues, and severe damages to your reproductive system.

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