8 Style Tips to Style Your Kurti for Short Women

Want to look tall Now, you can create a taller look illusion with your Kurtis. In this post, we have gathered the best fashion tips that can quickly give you a taller, sleeker, and smarter look in Kurti. So, if you are planning to buy Kurti online, check out these tips and flaunt your outfit without compromising on style and fashion.

8 Kurti Tips For Short Height Women

1. Pair Your Kurti with Low Flare Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants are one of the most trending Kurti pants online. These pants can be worn by women of any body type. Whether you are wearing a designer Kurti or regular cotton Kurti, you can create a beautiful Kurti Palazzo set by pairing the latest Palazzo pants. However, if you have a short-height and want to look taller and smarter, go for low to medium flared Kurtis. Medium flared Palazzo pants ending just above your ankle can give you an illusion of tall height. You may also use low flared Palazzo pants with your latest long Kurtis for a more stylish look.

2. Wear Dark Colors

Darker shades give you an illusion of height. Colors such as black, navy blue, maroon, dark grey, red, etc are some of the dark shades that you may choose while selecting Kurti online. You may choose long Kurti designs in solid and monochromatic colors to give your ethnic wear outfit a tall and full appearance. Monochromatic Kurtis creates a seamless line for the height and allows the other person to look at you without any interruption of any other color.

3. Pair Your Kurti with Flared Skirts

Skirts may not be the popular choice with Kurti but for short women, this can be a good option to ensemble a perfect ethnic wear look. You may pair Jaipur Kurtis with long skirts to get a taller appearance. If you do not like too much flare in your skirts, you may opt for medium flare skirts ending just above the ankle. Always remember to wear long Kurtis with your long skirts to look tall. This stylish look is very breathable and comfortable that you can adore it on your summer holidays and outings.

4. Wear Long Kurti Design

Women with short height and petite body type should always refrain from wearing short Kurtis. Short Kurtis highlights the lower body portion and gives a shorter appearance. Thus, shorter women should always buy Jaipuri Kurti online that are long and reach up to the ankle. Also, prefer long Kurtis in solid colors or darker shades. Monochromatic long Kurtis can help in giving a taller appearance.

5. Pair Your Kurtis with Slim Pants

Slim Kurti pants are the perfect option to look smarter, stylish, and sleek. Bottom wear such as jeggings, leggings, cotton pants, straight pants, cigarette pants, etc is some of the latest Kurti pants that you may choose as an option to wear with your favorite Kurti. Slim Kurti pants or no flare Kurti pants ending above the ankle creates a straight line for a silhouette that accentuates your feminine beauty and gives you a taller illusion. Straight long Jaipuri Kurti with cotton pants is one of the popular options among girls.

6. Team up Your Kurti and Bottom in the Same Color

It is quite boring to think of wearing the same color from top to bottom. But pairing your Kurti and pants in the same color family is the best and most effective way to create an illusion of a taller look. If you choose a solid color for your ethnic wear outfit then it may help you to attain an illusion of a vertical line. Grey, red, navy blue and black Kurtis with good fitting can allow you to ensemble various traditional outfits.

7. Don’t over-do Prints

Printed Kurtis are in trend. These beautiful Kurti designs look extremely gorgeous and smart on every occasion. Dabi prints, Bandhani prints, and Sanganeri Jaipuri prints are some of the popular Kurtis online that you may opt for. However, you need to make sure that you choose simple printed Kurtis that don't create any confusing line of sight. If you love printed Kurtis and want to buy printed Kurtis online, go for the latest Kurti designs such as floral printed Kurtis and geometric pattern Kurtis that instantly give you a taller appearance.

8. Go for Minimal Accessories

Accessories can glam up your look on a jiffy. If paired with the right accessories, you can create not only a smarter look but can attain a taller and sleek appearance. To create an illusion of tall height, go for accessories like belts that clinch the waist adding height to your look. No matter how much you love accessories, do not team up your outfit with so many accessories or jewelry. You may wear heels or wedges to look taller.

So, don’t go simple. Try these amazing fashion tips and enhance your look with an illusion of tall height. You may buy the latest Kurtis designs and stylish Kurti pants at Maaesa Clothing to ace up the fashion game.

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