Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 Review

With an inherent pointer and a 360-degree wraparound screen, Samsung increases present expectations with its Chromebook Plus V2 (I explicitly tried the 521QAB). For those users who worth style as much as performance, it's a decent decision that doesn't cost substantially more than lower-end gadgets.

From the start, I wouldn't censure anybody for believing that the Chromebook Plus V2 is similar equipment as the first. It looks fundamentally the same as, yet this age has unquestionably observed a few enhancements. For one, there's smart shading on this model which I for one believe is a major improvement.

The machine is additionally more extensive now on account of another presentation angle proportion. We'll discuss that more in a digit, however regarding the real equipment. It causes this machine to feel more like a conventional laptop. Once more, this feels like a move up to me, yet it certainly has its upsides and downsides.

Concerning the overall body, Samsung has somewhat of a blend going on here. While the first Chromebook Plus was fabricated completely from a lightweight metal, V2 is assembled half from plastic and half from metal. The base portion of the machine is plastic and truly, I don't imagine that is an awful thing in its own right.


The adjusted corners and thin development of the Chromebook Plus V2 quickly recognize it in a field overwhelmed by stout, utilitarian machines. The 12.2-inch laptop (1,920 by 1,080-pixel goal) is planned with a 360-degree wraparound touchscreen, so you can utilize the gadget either in laptop mode or as a tablet. Settled into the correct side of the Chromebook Plus is a little pointer — generally the size of an espresso stirrer — which gives you better power over the touchscreen. It's an aloof pointer, which means it doesn't have a battery or any additional highlights (like a delete button), however, it offers abundant accuracy when you need it. Ultimately, the laptop's two cameras (both front and back confronting) give you a lot of choices if you need to utilize the laptop for video conferencing or to take photographs.


The screen and pointer are the champions here, however, the extensive console — which stretches to the very edges of the body, is likewise noteworthy, especially since the flexible activity considers simpler typing due to storage. I had no bad things to say with the touchpad, either, which is likewise very extensive. The sound, politeness of two little speakers on the underside of the front of the laptop, is anything but a solid point, yet the screen is decent. At 2.9 pounds and 18 millimeters thick, the Plus V2 is more slender than both of the 11.6-inch laptops in this collection and diameter is the equivalent. That is not awful for an additional half-inch of the screen. At long last, note that for an extra $100, the gadget is accessible with an incorporated LTE radio so you can utilize it anyplace your information plan comes to, Wi-Fi or no. (An information plan will cost extra.)

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A 1.5 GHz Celeron 3965Y, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage cover the fundamentals. Ports incorporate a solitary full-size USB 3.0 and the two USB-C ports on the contrary side of the machine, alongside a mini SD card space. While there's no devoted HDMI yield, the dual USB-C ports (one of which is for the charger) offer plentiful adaptability.


Despite its low-end Celeron processor, the Chromebook Plus V2 performed well, beating the normal scores on two of the three benchmark tests I ran. That remembers a 10 percent support for the standard Speedometer 2.0 benchmark (which quantifies the responsiveness of web applications) and a 15 percent hindrance on the Kraken 1.1 benchmark, which estimates execution on tasks, for example, sound preparing and picture riddling. The V2 was only 7 percent underneath the normal score on the comparatively very good quality JetStream 1.1 benchmark, however, it actually figured out how to prevail over all challengers spare the HP Chromebook x2.

Probably the greatest issue I had with the first Samsung Chromebook Plus was execution. The ARM-based OP1 chipset within the machine was bounty ground-breaking, however it plainly wasn't capable the Plus introduced. With a couple of Chrome tabs open and the heaviness of the pixel-rich presentation continually hindering the processor, the machine quite often felt moderate. The Chromebook Pro fixed a great deal of these issues with an Intel chipset, and with the Plus V2, Intel is once again at the center.

There's basically a Celeron chipset matched with 4GB of RAM within this machine, yet that is a dependable equation for Chrome OS. Through my utilization of this machine, it hasn't skirted a beat, effectively driving me through having about six tabs open and utilizing Android applications.

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Overview on Samsung Chromebook Plus V2

The main significant shortcoming of the Chromebook Plus V2 is its battery. At 5 hours and 45 minutes of run time, the structure was by a long shot the most noticeably awful in this gathering, passing on over two hours snappier than the following most noticeably terrible.

Final Words

The upscale display of the Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 may make it a lot for more youthful youngsters, yet more capable users, especially the individuals who need illustrations and better quality execution — may think that it's on the money for $400. Other than its dull battery life, the Plus V2 needs significant negatives, the extent that this class of note pad goes.

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