Why Intellectual Hunger is Needed to Optimize Your Life

What differentiates us, the humans from other beings. It’s our intellect, our cognitive faculties. Born as humans, every human is blessed with unique intellectual powers. Nurturing and utilizing these powers are what help persons optimize their lives. An adage says, 'that a man can never be satisfied'. However, there is a point not in most people but few who feel contented at some point in their life. This contentment is experienced by individuals who become self-actualized.

Self-actualized people are people who have utilized all their potentials at their best. The amalgamation of self-actualizing oneself and optimizing one's life has been linked to one’s power of critical thinking, reasoning, and curiosity. These metacognitive faculties are present in everyone.

However, people who regularly fuel them only become intellectually nutritive. So, intellectual hunger must be the utmost need for current times. It is the key to success and satisfaction in terms of leading a balanced personal and professional life. Intellectual hunger drives you to the growth mindset, nurture your exploratory powers, turn up your creativity, keep up your spirits high to reach the zenith of your career and personal development.

The habit of engaging in continuous learning can only satiate your intellectual hunger. It is a lifelong process. The need to continually nourish your intellect, your craving to grow your intellect is found to be quite a limited and restrained behavior in adults. The concept of learning and reaching your self is only limited to that age till a person attains the degree or settle down with a good job.

However, with the new disruptive changes driven by digital technologies one’s intellectual hunger and engaging in fruitful learning will turn out to be the new survival skill in the job sector.

The global statistics tapping the changing trends of jobs state how many skills in professions will become redundant over the next five to 10 years. About 47% of American jobs are at risk of getting automated. So, being an expert or learning a skill related to these pro automated jobs will likely not lead you to a long-term career.

On the other side according to the leading market research company Forrester, skills for a new type of coding and developing is what will be highly required in the next decade. But people even who are currently in the profession of coding seldom have the urge to update them with ever-changing coding developments.

This slump in the learning spirit is inevitable in maximum professionals relating to any field. It is important to apprise them of the emerging job trends and foster a habit of continuous learning in them.

Continued learning is the only primary thing that can nourish our intellect, feed our curiosity, and unlock our potentials. Learning opens you to an endless supply of information. Once you can master the habit of learning you will be amazed to find out how the variety of Information enriches you to become a maven and the maverick.

Rightly quoted by Benjamin Franklin'An investment in knowledge pays the best interest' exemplifies the true essence of developing your intellect.

Keeping yourself up to date and expanding your skill sets by persistently acquiring knowledge and competencies is what keeps you going in your personal and professional life. Intellectual hunger, the constant thirst for knowledge is required to bring that stability in life which in turn will give you the experience of Optimisation of life.

Knowledge is now at everyone's fingertips. Those who grab this opportunity keep progressing. However, the percentage of people who have the constant desire to learn, the hungry mind, and actually engage in gaining fruitful knowledge and applying the same is quite less. For a few, learning and gathering knowledge and expertise is just a wish and plan far from execution. While the majority are two resistant to any form of new learning after their formal set of education.

You must cultivate the habit of widening your intellect. Few reasons are laid down here to show why intellectual hunger is needed to optimize your life.

Remain up to date and relevant- To keep pace with the ongoing rapidly evolving world the more you learn the more adaptive you become with the emerging trends in your profession.

Boost your career - Learning always enriches you. New learning and unlearning old things opens you to more critical thinking and reasoning. Skillfin learning a skilled turn leads to your personal improvement thereby opening lots of scope in your career.

Spark new ideas - Continually upgrading yourself bolsters your capabilities and skill set. This in turn could help you to come up with new ideas to find innovative solutions to problems.

Perspective-taking - Your hungry mind your content thirst for knowledge can widen your vision. Constant learning can help you adapt to flexibility while decision making. It helps you see a thing from every perspective. The ability to look at all angles of a situation makes you more efficient in any decision making and problem-solving.

Become a leader - Until you update yourself continually and have wide knowledge about the work you do, you will not be able to influence others. Your in-depth knowledge, your exploratory skills your intellectual hunger, and your curiosity will move you towards experimentation, risk-taking, and create wonders for your organization.

This will raise your chances of being valued and retained by your company. Also, you will set an example of becoming a good leader to your colleagues and juniors. You can then encourage others for lifelong learning.

Sense of accomplishment - Proper learning makes you competent. Competence gives you the confidence to approach any problem rightly. When you become able to tackle any problem it gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in whatever you do.

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