Industrial canopy clean in Melbourne

Industrial canopy clean in Melbourne

One of our customers called us for a canopy cleaning service, upon inspection we have found out that it’s not a commercial kitchen canopy cleaning job. This is an industrial canopy for one of the biggest manufacturers for dental industries, they have a huge oven for special glass manufacturing, and there is a huge industrial canopy for extraction the duct and hot air as the oven temperature goes up to 1400 F high.

As this is a quite complicated job for us as we are not allowed to use water here, only proper scrapping and dusting, also we have to work on top of the oven where all the cables are open and we are not allowed to cover the oven for safety purpose, Once our teams have finished induction for the site then we have organized the day for cleaning.

We go there with full PPE like a full-face respirator, overall, hair net, gloves, also we have organized some long extended poll scrapper, and we have started cleaning of aa industrial canopy, during the time we have found out that some parts are too high to reach so we have to use a small scissor lift to finalize the cleaning on some point, after the finishing all scrapping and dusting we have to collect all the rubbish on top of the oven as well as from the side of the oven. We have moved the scissor lift and start collecting large debris, once we have finished that we have started a collection of the duct by using vacuum,

After completion of the job we have asked the client to do the final inspection and as usual, the client was so happy with the results and they have booked us for an annual industrial canopy clean . Thanks to Andrew for giving us a chance to join their team.

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