At least some of us still have the misconception that the fashion industry is all about designing and manufacturing. Conversely, greater commercialization and the increasing demand for innovation in the fashion industry have expanded the possibilities one would have in the fashion sector.

According to a study conducted in Melbourne last year, there has been a remarkable surge (29%) in the percentage of students who take up Fashion degree courses in various institutes across Australia compared with the numbers in the previous year. This is an index of the aspirants realizing the creative opportunities that await them in the fashion industry.

With recognized institutes like The Master's Institute of Creative Education coming to the fore in Australia, aspirants can enroll for various bachelor and diploma programs in fashion and beauty that would make them eligible for pursuing exciting careers in merchandising, planning, branding, etc. Read further to know more.

What are the career opportunities that await me?
In the fast-paced and competitive world of fashion, career opportunities consistently evolve as the fashion sector frequently overlaps with other industries. Apart from popular options such as designing and creation, the opportunities that one would have at the commercial end are plentiful and worth discussing. Fashion marketing, fashion buying, fashion journalism, and product development are some of the popular examples.

Note: The career options one would have once they graduate from a Fashion institute are not restricted to the listed choices.

Fashion Marketing
This is the zone where business and fashion coincide. Without effective marketing, the products will not sell. The roles include promotions, raising awareness, content creation, advertising, social media management, etc. It is the duty of the marketer to analyze market trends and devise unique strategies to promote the products.

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The marketer should also devise plans to effectively convey the company's key values to the consumers and thereby boost sales. Fashion degree courses would include units that cover topics such as tracking market habits, which would familiarise the aspirants with the industry's dynamic nature.

Fashion Merchandising
For fashion enthusiasts who are equally fond of business management, fashion merchandising may be the ideal field. The duties at the manufacturing end include:

  • Forecasting the reception of different designs and colors.
  • Approximating quantities.
  • Deciding the optimal sale price.

They may collaborate with designers to create more feasible designs for customers by taking multiple factors such as fabric, manufacturing techniques, etc. Into consideration. In the retail sector, merchandisers will research and forecast what the target consumers will require at a particular time shortly.

Fashion Journalism
Fashion journalists research and write on the latest trends and interests in the market. They may work with stylists, designers, and creators to secure all the information they need. Besides, they attend fashion shows, events, and photoshoots to update the readers with all the changing trends within the industry.

However, one must be familiar with the history of fashion to compare and contrast the changing consciousness of the times with the trends of the bygone eras. Enrolling in Fashion degree courses is one obvious way to acquire this knowledge.

Product Development
To pursue a career in fashion product development, one would require a sound knowledge of the changing trends in fashion both within the country and overseas. They may work with retailers and manufacturers and develop trendy goods for them. The job demands a lot of planning as one would need to develop fashion-oriented goods for a specific target group within the market. During the process, the product developer will have to travel overseas to picture the changing trends and ideas and source unique fashion ideas.