Which tools are used by SEO experts to Increase the traffic

Search Engine Optimization is used by, every digital marketer in their strategy and marketing plans. But how do they do it, well the answer is simple by using tools. There are several tools available for SEO that can be employed to bring faster results. These tools also help in keyword research and analysis, which can help you understand what is working well and whatnot. You can get both free and paid tools online that can be of great benefit for SEO.

Google Search Console
This google search console is one of the finest and free tools that anyone with a website can use. Using the console, you can monitor and draw reports on the working of your website. These features will also help you figure out which page is doing well and which one is not. It will also help you understand how well your website is viewed by the audience and google itself. This will help you in optimizing the website for enhanced performance in search engine results.

SEMrush: SEO tool for marketing
It is one of the favorite tools among SEO experts. The reason behind this is an easy assessment of website ranking and figuring out the changes for new opportunities. One much-loved feature of this tool is it helps in one on one comparison with your competitors. Here you can also compare keywords and domains of your competitors and get a detailed analytics report. There is also an on-page SEO checker tool, which assists in the easy grasping of all information related to rankings and recommendations. SEMrush is best for insights into organic traffic and enhancing conversion rates.

Ubersuggest for keyword research in SEO
Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is one of the easiest tools that can be used for keyword research and competition comparison. Along with the keywords, it also gives insights about the same. On Ubersuggest you can find all types of keywords including, short tail & long tail that can be used, for more detailed understanding. One exceptional advantage of this tool is that it works well for both, SEO (the organic way) and Pay – Per – Click (PPC). Hire a paid advertising company in Atlanta to complete your goal.

Answer the Public: Free tool for SEO
Answer the Public is one of the brilliant tools for SEO experts. Answer the Public is unique in its feature and offers the easiest way to find the most trending topics that one can use for writing blogs. This SEO tool helps you in content creation with a broad spectrum. It is the most efficient tool to use for SEO topics for websites from different niches. Not only this, but the tool also provides you with the types of questions searched for a particular keyword. It should be the must-have for all the newbies to the world of blogging and digital marketing.

Woorank: The SEO ranking tool

It is one of the top analytical tools for SEO. It offers both free and paid versions based on your requirement you can choose one for yourself. With the help of Woorank, you can easily figure out the keywords that your competitors are ranking for. With this you can easily understand, what are you up to? & what is lacking in terms of content and technology It will also assist you to find out the plagiarized content and assist you with important guidelines to fix them.

Google Trends
Google offers several tools to research keywords, analyze, create reports using insights it provides. All this information provided by google is crucial and is very helpful for the business’s growth and development of its visibility. Using google trends, you can get insights into users’ behavior for particular keywords. It gives insights like the queries related to it, the geographical location of traffic, interest of the audience in that particular keyword, and several different trends. Experts use google trends to figure out the latest trends in a particular niche so, they can utilize the available information in their SEO strategy.

Siteliner: The analytics tool for SEO
It is also one of the popular tools used by SEO experts. This tool helps you identify the plagiarized content on your website and web pages. While learning about SEO, take one thing into consideration that plagiarized content is harmful to your SEO strategies, and website ranking. [What is the plagiarized content Any content that is already present on another website or might have been copied from another website to yours. Google, when finding websites with such, unpleasing content and mischievous activity penalizes those websites, and then they lose their rank on search engine pages.

Final words
Many of these tools come with free and paid versions, while their free version is good to go for the newbies, but experts will have to go for a paid one. Based on your need and understanding, you can easily choose any one of these. Each of them comes with some interesting features.

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