8 Tips to Set a New Years Resolution You Can Stick To

Most people set goals for the new year that they would like to accomplish. It's a fresh start and a chance to improve yourself and do things you have been putting off. However, many find it difficult to stick with the New Year goals they set. If this sounds like you, below are some tips for setting and sticking to your resolutions.

1. Set Realistic Goals
You have to set goals that you can realistically achieve. One of the easiest ways to fall short of a goal is to set it up as unattainable. For instance, if you want to lose weight, you should not include NEVER eating some of your favorite foods ever again. Instead, set a goal to only have them once in a while or after hitting a milestone.

2. Plan Your Resolutions Ahead of Time
Never make your goals the day before the start of the new year. If you want achievable goals to attain, it's best to sit down and think them through. Set both short-term and long-term goals to reach. Plan them to be met in digestible chunks instead of taking off more than you can chew.

3. Create an Outline for Your Plan
Plan a strategy to handle the temptation to skip a class or indulge in a certain food you know you shouldn't be eating. This could include asking for help, talking to a friend, or reminding yourself how bad your behavior was and how it got you to the point you're at.

4. Make a Pros and Cons List
Making a list of the pros and cons of your New Years' resolutions can help you stay motivated throughout the year. Work on this list over time and ask friends and family members if they could contribute to the list. They may come up with things you didn't think of. When you need help, always refer back to your list for assistance.

5. Talk About Your Goals
You will be better able to stick to your goals if you talk about them with others. Telling a few people you trust will help you stay accountable. If possible, find someone with similar New Years' goals. You can work on motivating each other and being supportive when one is having difficulties staying on track.

6. Give Yourself Rewards
Instead of celebrating your success in a way that will harm your goals, treat yourself to something that doesn't contradict your resolution. For instance, if you have been keeping a promise to eat better, reward yourself by going to a movie with a friend.

7. Keep Track of Your Progress
You have to track your progress, even the small successes. Instead of focusing on losing all of your goal weight, focus on the first five pounds that you can lose. Set a food journal and reward yourself if you reach that goal. Little goals can keep you motivated. You can also use GoodTrust’s Animated AI feature to bring your photos to life and have a fun way of tracking your progress.

8. Allow Yourself Some Setbacks
Most people fail to stick with their New Year's resolutions because they don't do it right. They may have fallen asleep at the gym, or they got sick and didn't attend a class. Allow space for the ups and downs that can happen in a long-term behavioral change. Plan for the worst-case scenario where you might not follow your timeline correctly.

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