Basic introduction and knowledge about what a cashback is

Before learning about cashback offers, let us learn what cashback is.
A cashback is a kind of a perk that is provided to cardholders by credit and debit card companies. Its most importantly, as its name suggests means getting a percentage of your cash invested, back to you. This cashback is provided to the holder for branded companies which includes groceries, recharges, transport tickets, movie shows, clothing, accessories, and many more. These credit card companies have tie-ups with other certain brands which helps the customers to avail amazing offers on different cards.

This cashback is offered to you via bank statements, which means that you can get this cash back into your credit card balance. Or as gift cards which are of different brands and can be used to purchase the customers liked items from the brand. Or can also be sent to donation charities. There are other options too, to use this cashback. Even though it is said the bigger the amount of money you spend the higher will be the cashback, it is very important to consider one's allowances and the need of the product you are planning on spending your hard-earned money on.

What are the advantages and disadvantages that come with cashback?
There can be many advantages and disadvantages to a cashback some of which are stated below.

  • Cashback helps you with easing your finances, provides you with fun interesting rewards on spending on an item, and not only this but encourages you to invest and trust a particular company. One can also earn more cash than they have already spent by spreading the word around about a particular offer and by using referral codes.
  • It also benefits the card companies as well as the companies from where the items are being purchased because the card company has a larger number of users spending from their credit card which indeed is always profitable for them, not only this but it does help in increasing marketing as well as the show value of a particular product.
  • The drawbacks of cashback would be that the deals provided on a particular card are not always the best deals available in the market and the lack of not having a card with a better deal would be the customer’s loss.

Some cashback websites also charge a heavy fee from the user making it lose more than their earnings which is a loss for the consumer. Often users come across fake websites that can not only steal your cashback but also copy your card details and commit fraud.

Now let us look at cashback offers.

What do we understand by cashback offers and how to get one?
Cashback offers are simply nothing but the cashback offers available on various kinds of products. There is a simple procedure for getting a cashback which is,

  1. The purchasing of the item happens.
  2. The participant shows proof of purchase; if the purchase happens online then it automatically shows.
  3. The company verifies the purchase.
  4. The amount of cashback is already decided and computerized.
  5. The customer receives the cashback.

There is also a difference between flat cashback and cashback.

When a company says 20% flat cashback the company means that cashback is exactly 20% and not more or less whereas when it mentions 100% cashback it means that the cashback can be up to 100%, which simply means it can range between any percentages from 1-100.

Which are the top websites where we can find the best cashback offers available
You can find some of the best cashback offers in India and the best cashback offers worldwide on the following websites mentioned below.

  1. CouponDunia
  2. Pennyful
  3. Topcashback
  4. Gopaisa
  5. Paisawapas
  6. Baggout
  7. Cashkaro
  8. Myleastprice
  9. Paisaget
  10. Cashvaapas
  11. Zingoy

And many more great websites for amazing deals are available.

Some apps are also available, for example

  1. magician
  2. CouponDunia
  3. alfalfa
  4. go paisa
  5. crown,
  6. encash it

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