Best PC Games you must try in 2021

Best PC Games you must try in 2021

No one can deny that games are one of the best sources of entertainment. Today we are going to tell you about some of the best PC games according to Steam ranking.


Guilty Gear and BlazBlue by Arc System Works are like sisters, and this is an unpleasant bureaucratic incident to blame. This game has successfully won fans' hearts since 1998 and we placed it in our list of best PC games. But in the 2000s, after the merger of publishing companies Sega and Sammy, the rights to release new games in the series were literally snatched from the hands of the developers!

As a result, a new title, BlazBlue ("Tempest Bar" in Japanese!), Has appeared - in which the soul of the predecessor games (and even the images of former heroes!) Has moved. Well, a few years later, the ARXIS successfully bought out the rights to GG, and now it would be a real crime against anime to not continue two such popular franchises at once! Both toys delight gamers with juicy and delicious drawings, memorable soundtrack, high-speed gameplay. These features encouraged us to place this game in our list of best PC games.


KoF XIII is still not completely abandoned, simply because it looks LUXURIOUS! Yes, nowadays they no longer make full-fledged fighting games with such gorgeous sprites - this was the last attempt of SNK Playmore, while others do not do so well.

As for the gameplay: King of Fighters XIII's effective mechanics range from simple spam to a powerful CD attack to the air to long and stylish combos that immediately take away most of the opponent's health. Let me remind you that this game still has one of the most difficult combo challenge modes in the history of the industry!


"Injustice 2" came from the virtual pen of the creators of the legendary Mortal Kombat NetherRealm Studios. Nevertheless, this very fresh toy - the 2017 release - is already going into the sunset. Gamers here are primarily attracted by the truly Hollywood gloss of a movie about superheroes: special effects, characters, voice acting, script - all at a high-budget level.

In this game, Harley Quinn smiles as if he were alive, Superman drills Batman with his laser gaze very believably, Aquaman works with a fork, as if at the last buffet table before the failure of the Justice League. However, as often happens in modern cinema, interest in the second Injustice fades away very quickly. When all the super moves and cutscenes are viewed, only the gameplay remains. And the local game mechanics are simply not able to convey all the inhuman power of the heroes involved.

It's a trifle, of course, but when the Firestorm waves its legs above the ground, it seems that someone is shaking a rag doll by the head. But there are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Four Persians in one!


Street Fighter 5 had a very tough start. The game came out almost naked - without content, any features, and with a funny roster of characters! However, almost three years later, the situation has changed: the official ranks of Capcom say that many updates, led by Arcade Edition, have restored the trust of fans of the series.

In the fifth part of the franchise, the combat is clear, simple, and incredibly aggressive! Even traditional Zoner characters like to get on the rampage here! By the way, now the size of the roster has reached 34 Heroes, among whom there are old favorites (the last to arrive was the Muay Thai fighter Sagat), and interesting newcomers.

This fighting game also reveals one of the flaws in my analysis of popularity. SFV supports cross-platform online matches, and SteamCharts only shows active PC users. In other words, you can find many more opponents on the Internet - a significant part of whom bought the game on the PlayStation console.


Tekken 7 by Bandai Namco is the ninth installment in the Tekken series and the first to be released on PC. The new fighting game features the same 1-on-1 battles, albeit with noticeable changes. For example, Rage Art is a new version of ultra hurried attacks that deal about 30% damage, depending on the character. Fully armored, but still absorbs damage.

Uses your rage and each RA is different in terms of speed. The RA input is written next to your character's portrait when loaded before the battle. Rage Drive is another option that you can spend your Rage on. It's basically a luscious version of an existing movement, and it's unique to each character. You must check out the Tekken 7 Tier list.

Access to Rage Art and Rage Drive grants Rage - a condition in which a character is with 25% or less health remaining. Another change, Power Crush is a flavorful attack available to all characters. PC allows players to keep attacking even when hit by an enemy. Power Crush only works to absorb medium to high attacks.

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