Headphones Not Detected By Windows 10 On PC

I will give you four possible solutions to fix when our PC does not recognize headphones, or Windows 10 does not recognize the headphones means audio renderer error, the first possible solution is to go to the search engine Windows and we write an ok solution. So let's give it here where it says see solutions to problems. when we click on it, we’ll give you what it says about troubleshooting there we will give land says hardware and sound so here it will appear like this from there we will give the option that says audio playback when we read in audio playback.

let's go ahead and try to detect any problems that find on our computer's audio device, ok so We wait until it finishes when it finishes because it will tell us if you have detected or did not detect a problem after finding or searching errors in audio playback. we will try to detect errors in the recording audio as below was going to start detecting the problems after you have done these we can rule out let's give here where it says hardware and devices we click next and it will start to detect problems finally we’re going to give you where the voice says it well finally not because there is another option we give it to the voice, we also do the same.

We give the following, we detect the problems finally in playing video ok then, when we have performed these procedures, we may have to restart your computer and check if the problem is Resolves if, in any case, you do not serve in this way. we will go to device manager how we do it, so let's go to the search engine windows we write admin device manager to see here okay if you don't want to search for it, press the windows x key that opens here we give you to administer devices and we would enter said option when we made that option those steps, we go to where it says sound and video controller and gaming devices. Also check: Pubg buildings not rendering

So what are we going to do, click here we will select the driver that we installed on our computer right-click on update the driver software when we have done we are going to give you a search for driver software on your computer. so here we will give you is to choose from a list of controlled devices on the computer we select and then select the audio driver that we installed, we will provide the following and there They follow the steps until they complete the procedure.

If they don't reach the work this way, because we're going to audio inputs and outputs and we're going to do the following, in this case, this with the drivers we have installed right-click update driver software search driver software on your computer, choose a list of drivers device on the computer. we select the driver we need we install the following on our pc, we do the same procedure with all the audio inputs and outputs that we have here in ours on our pc, ok if it doesn't work that way path then we go back to the device manager then let's do the following.

Let's go-to sound controllers and video game device that we're going to do, let's look for the level driver real high definition so this we will right-click on update the driver software and look for updated driver software. we'll do with all the sound and audio drivers gaming devices, so let's go-to audio outputs then we do the same right-click update search found automatically do everything with all of them there if it doesn't reach serve this way because we're going to the device administrator here the one of sound and video and game device then right click let's go uninstall because we uninstall.

So when we want to install it, we will give it to you here where it says to look for hardware changes. we're going to look for hardware changes, so this there when I do that, I think we see a note that if something like that, we will restart the computer so that make the changes correctly and then we will see that the problem has been resolved solved my friends.

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