Heart care hospital in Bangalore

Heart care hospital in Bangalore

According to recent studies, between 2017 to 2019, more than half (51%) of the younger population in Bangalore were diagnosed with cardiovascular or heart problems.

Most of these people were chronic smokers. However, other factors like high blood pressure and diabetes also triggered the development of heart ailments. Seeking treatment for heart diseases is imperative to enhancing one’s lifespan.

Thus, choosing the best cardiology hospital in bangalore with dedicated cardiac operation theatres, digital cath labs, and a hybrid lab that can perform both interventional cardiac procedures and complex heart surgeries is essential. Given below are some characteristics of the best-in-class cardiovascular hospital in Bangalore.

Great Reputation
One of the first things that make a heart care hospital distinct is the skill and reputation of the doctors and other staff. Cardiac facilities mainly treat heart ailments that are critical in nature. Therefore, the hospital cannot be regarded as good if it doesn’t possess a good reputation.

The best one has an array of awards and acknowledgments from notable bodies in the medical domain. They also have relevant certifications that make them reliable. A premier hospital has special international recognition for its clinical excellence in the field of cardiac care.

Trained Staff
Along with the modern infrastructure, the cardiac care hospital also has experienced and certified doctors and support staff.

Advanced equipment, along with the presence of a highly qualified medical team and super-subspecialists, gives people the peace of mind that they have entrusted themselves to the best facility.

Doctors who endeavor to impart quality medical care to both national and international patients is the hallmark of an ideal heart care hospital.

Cardiac OT
The best heart hospitals have a modern cardiac operation theatre that is well-equipped.

The rich infrastructure allows a range of surgeries to be performed regularly like pediatric heart surgery, valve-related heart diseases, adult and pediatric heart transplantation, and a transplant with good success rates.

An excellent cardiac facility also has close to 50 beds for critical care, modernized operation theatres, and post-operative ICUs. Such an infrastructure allows cardiac specialists to offer competent treatment for a variety of complicated heart-related ailments.

Modern Technology
The best heart care hospitals employ modern technological methods that are available. Such a hospital devotes a considerable amount of time, resources, and energy to researching the latest techniques that it can employ in treating its patients.

Modern technology enables the best cardiology hospital in Bangalore to perform complex heart surgeries and other cardiac procedures. These include Pulmonary endarterectomy for pulmonary embolism, electrophysiology, and valve repairs.

There is also a research institute on the premises of the hospital. Here, several scientists collaborate to develop a vaccine for preventing ailments like heart attacks.

Presence of Accreditations
Every healthcare entity sets up some kind of internal standards for operations. But accreditation ensures that the hospital meets all the standards established by an externally recognized organization.

Accreditation functions as a stamp of approval that displays that a specific facility is following the best practices and industry standards. The best heart care hospitals have NABH, NABL, and JCI accreditations.

It results in very high-quality patient care and safety. It also ensures that not only the rights of patients are respected, but their satisfaction is also assessed.

The anxiety induced by the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the cases of heart attacks in people in Bangalore.

The age group between 25 to 35 years has been especially affected by it. If you or someone close to you is suffering from any heart ailment, it’s essential to get treated in the best and reputable facility.

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