Optimize product images for your online shop

Online business is a one-stop solution to being an independent business holder. Online businesses are now a growing commercial sector that is improving tremendously. We can say that the time is not so far away when more than 70% of purchases will be held online.

This concept helps us to imagine the situation when traditional brick-and-mortar-type businesses completely will get up. Having so much positive easy to involve ability offers people to get connected with online businesses though they don’t have enough money.

When you have some unique product ideas and a high passion to start a career as a successful e-commerce retailer, then you should do it. Instead of thinking about what would be next, you have to start with what you are thinking and what should be going on. The rest and your next step will be clear in time. In an e-commerce platform, business is much easier than it is in the offline market. You don’t have to ascertain a place for the shop, investment for attractive decoration, and no other.

All you just need to do is, collect products for sale and take pictures of the products, and then display pictures in your online store. Product images are an inevitable part of online business and retailers give huge efforts to make their images look perfect and beautiful. Because the only image can attract customers into the store and can convince them to make a buying decision.

Importance of optimizing product images in an online shop
Product images are the most important part of an online business. You can’t go without it and you can’t even think of it without product images. As a virtual marketing platform, online marketers don’t have the chance to show the real figure of the product, they have to do this by their product photos. So, product images play the role of marketing manager in online business as it has to attract customers' attention and also make them buy the product.

This is why retailers have to optimize product images in terms of alluring a customer’s attention. Optimizing product images means editing them with a professional hand. Editing product images are now a matter of understanding and realization as there are so many editing options that need to apply product images perfectly.

And you should also learn that a particular sector has been built that is monitored by an expert photo editor. The sector comes with a service that only goes for product photo editing. They outsource product photo editing services for e-commerce retailers.

Product photo editing is a must in the e-commerce business and you can’t go without it. Because you can’t upload product images captured with a mobile phone camera or other. They don’t look as well and are not so perfect as an attractive product photo. Moreover, there are some popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay. They recommend every retailer who is going to do business with them as they would have to add a clear white background in their product image.

That is also a part of e-commerce product image optimization. So, in this article, we have come with the very basic knowledge that will help you to inform all about product image optimization. Read the below part to get all the inquiries you have in your mind about this topic.

How to optimize an e-commerce product image
Ecommerce retailers are mostly fond of product image optimization. They have to do it to earn the best look in the product images they have. In this regard, the first thing that they would have to do is find a professional clipping path service. For those, who are the first with this wordy clipping path and don’t know what it is, we would brief you about this a few later.

Clipping path service is now so popular in the case of e-commerce product image editing. The main agility of this service is changing the product image background. However, the clipping path service provider comes with a variety of editing services. We are particularly describing all of them here.

Background removing
When we are talking about product photo editing, the first aspect is background removal. It is a peculiar part of photo editing and as the name of it, it deals with images background by replacing it with a white one. Experts have several techniques to separate the background from the image. But the most common and required one is the clipping path. Clipping path is a Photoshop technique that is done by the Photoshop pen tool. It is a non-destructive background removing technique that is used to outline the main object of the image.

The outline is a vector path that determines where the object would need to cut down. Vectors can also be downloaded separately according to your needs. There are various websites available like getting Vectors that offer unlimited free and paid vector graphics to download. Whether it’s for your website, t-shirts, magazines, or more, you can find any kind of vector images here.

Some other techniques are also used to remove background remover. They are image masking, removing with the quick selection tool, and others. Masking is required for some specific background removing cases where the product includes fur or hairy objects. Without this, other image types are almost best with a clipping path.

Color correction
Color correction is an application that is used to bring color change in any specific portion of the product image where required. But it is also used to make the color feelings of a product from poor to high so that viewers can easily connect with it at the first look. Color correction is applied in most cases when the general camera fails to capture the right color sense in the images. Sometimes, it happens that you are wearing a red dress and capture an image. Unfortunately, you see that the image shows brown the dress of your color instead of red.

It is heartbreaking, maybe the dress was one of you are favorite and you were eager to show the realness of how you were looking with the dress. This happens because the sunlight as it drops on the camera lens radiates the focus of the camera. It can be held with the product images that you are taking for your e-commerce store. Then you need color correction editing because this technique is so useful to provide any type of color in your image.

Photo retouching
This is another image editing option that you can get from every clipping path service provider. They offer a complete product photo editing package and retouching is a part of that. Product retouching is necessary for products that need to show details in the photograph. Especially for jewelry products, electronics accessories, and others, you have to apply to retouch.

Retouching captures every single part of the product and makes it shinier and raw to catch up. We can say it in other words, retouching is a process of altering an image to prepare it for the final show up. You may be familiar with shoe polish. When the shoemaker started to rub the brush on the shoe surface, the color became brighter.

Similarly, retouches have done several things with an image to make it eye-catching for the final presentation. Retouching has two sections like portrait and product photo retouching. In product photo retouching, experts remove the scratch and unwanted objects from the image, glare, adding contrast, making things shinier, and adding texture to the leather. If you have products that need a more intensified look in front of the customers, then you have to choose this editing option.

Photoshop shadow effect
With the Photoshop technique, retailers can easily input some real look shadows in the image. Shadow is a great aspect of the image as it gives realness to the image and makes it feel like a real product.

The Photoshop shadow effect is outstanding. With the help of it, expert editors can do such things as a natural shadow, drop shadow, reflection shadow, and so on. Reflection shadow is a special form that can give product images a decent look. It is applied to single products like shoes, ornaments, bottles, etc.

When a reflection shadow is applied to any image, the image object looks like it is floating on its surface, and the surface is made with glass. You can also try this out in your product image. If you are an online retailer and thinking of presenting product images with the best look, then you must find a clipping path service company that provides photo editing services as well.

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