Six of the Best Luxury Watch Brands According to GQ

GQ has it all summed up for everyone who has been wanting to invest in a luxury watch. What other people may not know is that choosing the best watch brand and piece for you is not as simple as it seems you need to consider the kind of watch you want, your lifestyle, and of course, your budget. You also need to consider its prestige and the place it holds in the hierarchy of luxury watches. With this, we can help you sum it all up! GQ has listed all the best watch brands and the best category you can consider. Keep on reading if you want to learn more!

TAG Heuer
Let us start this list with one of the most popular luxury watch brands, TAG Heuer. GQ has listed TAG Heuer as one of the watch brands you can choose if you want to buy your “first real watch.” TAG Heuer is one of the watch brands that you can consider if you want to make your first watch purchase. These are the watches you really deem as your reward and prized possession, not just some nameless watch brand you bought from random shops (no offense).

TAG Heuer is a failsafe option if you want to buy a watch for professionals and grown-ups. TAG Heuer is a good go-to watch brand that everybody will notice you for wearing without being too expensive. In case you are not aware, luxury brands usually create their timepieces to cater to different sports and activities. With TAG Heuer, the brand has always been present during important motorsports events. As a result, you will find that TAG Heuer has designed their watches and assembled their complications for the needs of racing. Do not worry if this is not your thing because they even have other designs from collaborations, even with Super Mario from Nintendo!

A little short on cash for luxury watches, yet you still want to reap the rewards from wearing a luxury watch? Do not laugh, because this is indeed possible! Some even say that Seiko can compete alongside big Swiss watch brands and are even at par with them. Seiko is a Japanese brand that also created intricate complications and is well-regarded by watch experts. What makes their watch more affordable is because, instead of mechanical gears and bearings, what keeps time in their watches is Quartz. Seiko is one of the few watch brands that started using Quartz to keep time instead of mechanical complications. That is why GQ has listed Seiko as one of the best watch brands to choose from if you need something affordable yet just as classy.

Another luxury watch brand included in GQ’s list (and rightly so!) is Jaeger-LeCoultre. According to GQ, this watch brand is one of the perfect brands to pick if you are looking for a good dress watch. This prestigious brand also has a strong brand reputation. That is why anyone who sees you wearing a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch will easily understand what that means.

Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the famous watch brands known for its avant-garde designs and sophisticated complications. If TAG Heuer is a watch present in motorsport events, Jaeger-LeCoultre is for polo. Jaeger-LeCoultre designed the Reverso, its most famous timepiece, to cater to the needs of polo players back in 1930.

GQ has listed Breitling as one of the best aviation watches to pick. Do not worry, time has passed now that you do not need to be a pilot to rock a pilot watch. Although, you may need a lot of attitudes! Today, wearing an aviator’s watch is a good idea when going to your office, attending a formal function, or even just chilling in a local bar!

Even when we would not be flying planes today, you still need a brand best for creating pilot watches, like Breitling. You can best believe that Breitling has a reputable experience back in the day for providing reliable pilot watches. The brand has served well during the war as it supplied aviation watches to the Royal Air Force.

Aviation watches can be tricky to literally live out, but with dive watches, you get to experience the best of both worlds! Dive watches are perfect for your summer trip, either just chilling by the beach or trying out fun activities, like scuba diving! They are also just as perfect for just swimming through your day in the office. There has always been an ongoing debate about the best dive watch: Blancpain or Rolex. While some may answer Rolex, some may also choose Blancpain because of their Fifty Fathoms. Since this might be a never-ending debate, we can all agree that Blancpain is a reliable and prestigious watch that can compete well with influential brands.

Now, we talk about the influential brand in question. When you say luxury watch, the brand that usually comes first in people’s minds is this crown logo. Forbes has even listed Rolex as one of the most influential brands in the world. GQ today listed it as one of the brands you can choose if you want to bring out the big guns and choose an A-lister watch brand. Along with Rolex, GQ also mentions other brands, such as Omega, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, and Bulgari.

The same with other luxury watch brands, Rolex is also known for its design and complication. What may set Rolex different is their creative marketing strategy through the years that have established where they are even to this day.

What is best for you
We have now helped you sum up all the best watch brands according to GQ’s list. What do you think? Luxury watch brands may be quite different from each other, which is why your lifestyle and preferences matter. The best thing to know about each watch is to check it out and get to “feel” it. Visit reliable luxury watch sites, such as WatchShopping for you to learn more about luxury brands and their different timepieces!

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