The Best 5 Social Commerce Platforms

The Best 5 Social Commerce Platforms

There are diverse options for marketers to expand their business online, and social media is the most active platform digitally and has become the undeniable choice of online marketers.

With the rising number of users, social media is limited to branded promotions and entertainment; rather, it has expanded its footprint in the online shopping ecosystem. With the introduction of social commerce, social media has marked its dominance in online commerce platforms.

Brands and online retailers can convert their social media into social selling platforms by social commerce tools, which are discussed below in the blog.

Social commerce Social Media And Ecommerce
Social media means global users, and eCommerce means selling products online. And what’s better than merging both platforms to gain maximum revenue.

In simple words, social commerce is the new age shopping venue for modern-day shoppers with the feature of buying and selling products on social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

It has bridged the gap between your social audience and your eCommerce website by creating shoppable content. But, to align with the dynamic behavior of social media, brands need to be active and responsive to enhance the customers' engagement.

So, to boost the possibilities of engagement, content aggregation, product visibility, real-time updates, and customer interaction, brands employ these social commerce tools.

5 Best Tools To Leverage Social Commerce
Here we have listed the 5 best social commerce platforms to help you boost your brand growth.

Taggbox Commerce
Taggbox commerce is designated as the architect for your social commerce platforms. This tool is designed to provide the best customer experience with a smooth purchase journey.

As one of the best social commerce platforms, this tool collects and curates user-generated content from various social channels and converts it into shoppable posts by adding product descriptions and price tags.

It can be used to create shoppable content from any social platform such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., and also can provide the brands with the option to integrate it with the websites.

It helps the brands add reliability and authenticity to the online social media store with UGC and build a strong relationship with them.

Online marketers have been selling on Instagram for many years, but it was restricted to customer engagement through bio or links in comments.

But with the advancement of new features of Instagram - Shoppable Posts, customers are provided with a streamlined shopping experience to directly purchase the products from the posts without leaving the app.

This feature helps the brands tag 5 products in a Post and add 1 product sticker to their story.

To get started with Instagram shoppable posts, brands need to fulfill the eligibility requirements that are

You must be located in either of the countries (US, UK, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia)

You must have an Instagram business account.

Your profile should be linked with the Facebook product catalog.

Once you fulfill the requirements, you are all set to create your own shoppable Instagram feed.

Facebook Shop
With many big brands and businesses strengthening their Facebook presence, the social networking channel offers them a perfect social commerce platform called Facebook Shops.

Using this feature, brands can create their online store on Facebook and Instagram for free. The only requirement that follows is the brands should have a Facebook business page.

Once you own a business page on Facebook, you can create your customized Facebook shop to upload a product catalog and choose the items you want to display from the catalog.

Pinterest Shoppable Pins
The social channel, which started as a platform for searching for DIY ideas, is now the new trending strategy for marketers to sell online.

With the introduction of Shoppable pins, Pinterest allows the buyers to shop directly from the pins without even leaving the app.

To get your brand ready to sell on Pinterest, you need to have a business account that is to be linked to your website.

With the updated visual search option, you can click on “Shop Similar Products” while hovering over a pin.

Selling on Pinterest has boosted the audience engagement for the brands, increasing conversion rates, and sales.

Foursixty is the social commerce platform designed to turn your Instagram content and user-generated content into shoppable galleries.

Not only does it create shoppable content for your online store, but it also gets your UGC rights secured and provides you with advanced Instagram analytics and insights.

Social commerce is the online shopping industry's future with a seamless customer journey from inspiration to sales. Marketers are sparing no effort to convert their social platforms into selling platforms.

With the tools mentioned in the blog, you can create your shoppable galleries in just a few clicks and boost your customer’s engagement to drive more sales.

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