5 Simple exercises to get rid of double chin

5 Simple exercises to get rid of double chin

Are you feeling depressed after seeing double chin? Did you recently gain weight? Yes! The double chin may not be always related to weight gain or obesity. Many factors in the body can cause a double chin. Understanding the body is crucial when fighting with a double chin. There are several things we can do to address the double chin issues. Here, we discuss the factors that lead to a double chin and a few exercises which you can follow to get rid of it. So, keep reading the post to know more about a double chin.

What are the factors that can lead to a double chin?

Double chin is caused when the muscle between the collar bone and the jaw deposits an extra layer of the fat. The additional fat around the neck area can be formed due to various reasons and a few of them are listed below:

· Age: As we age the elasticity of the skin lessens and the saggy skin can contribute to the double chin.

· nhealthy Eating: Adding unhealthy foods like processed foods that are high in calories may also contribute to the formation of a double chin.

·Gaining weight/obesity: Addition of excess body weight may result in weight gain which leads to obesity and results in the double chin as well. If you are unable to reduce your weight or suffering from obesity-related health issues, consult the doctor. If weight-loss medications are prescribed, order them from the best online pharmacy site at the best price and get it delivered directly at your doorstep.

·Genetics: Genetics or anyone with the family history of a double chin may likely to develop a double chin as well.

·Posture: Poor posture of the neck for a long time can cause the skin to loosen which ultimately results in a double chin.

What are the type’s exercises which can help to reduce the fat around the neck area?

Here are a few exercises which help to target the fat around the neck. Yes! Try these simple and effective exercises to burn the fat that accumulated around the chin area.

1) The ball squeeze: This exercise is simple and easy to do. Place 9 to 10-inch ball down the chin and press it against the ball. Do this exercise regularly for at least 25 times a day.

2) Regular use of chewing gum: Gum chewing is one of the best exercises you can try to kick of the double chin. Yes! Chewing gum is good for individuals who are trying to lose weight and for double chin as well.

3) The lion’s yawn: This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles in the neck, chin, and face. All you need to do is open the mouth wide and stick out the tongue outside. Hold down in the same position for 10 seconds and repeat this process for 10 times.

4) Give a big smile: Big smile helps to strengthen facial muscles and reduces chin fat. All that you need to do is lie on the back and bend your knees. Open your mouth widely and close it slowly. While you do, just lift your head slowly and rest back to normal. Repeat this exercise for few times.

5) Neck roll: Neck roll is one of the best exercises to reduce muscle stress and tension around the neck area. Neck roll exercise helps to tone and stretch the neck muscles. All you need to do is sit straight, and keep your spine erect, turn your head on one side which should touch your shoulders, then bring your head down touching your chest. Repeat the procedure for the other side as well. Do the exercise slowly as there are chances of spraining the neck. Also, take a deep breath while doing this exercise.

Tips to reduce double chin through the diet:

Here are a few healthy guidelines you can follow to trim your extra layer of the fat from the chin and around the neck:

· Add at least three types of fruits every day

· Include four vegetables in your diet plan

· Avoid processed foods, white sugar, alcohol, and high-fat milk products from the diet

· Incorporate healthy fats, lean proteins, and whole grains daily in your diet.

Speak to your doctor or nutritionist before you add anything to your diet as a balanced meal plan is crucial. Also, frame out chart based on your health needs. If foods are not working then opt for invasive procedures but only after consulting the doctor. If medications are prescribed order them from any trusted online medicine store at the comfort of your home.

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